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What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy comprises the injection of proliferative (cell and tissue regeneration) and irritant solutions into the body. Injections are generally made into the tendons, ligaments and joints which were damaged, worn and weakened. Injected proliferative substances starts a sterile inflammatory process in joints, junction points of tendons and muscles, and places where tendons attach to the bone. Through this process, mechanisms that enable the healing within the body is activated. Regeneration in ligaments and cartilage occurs. Following this, ligament, tendon and muscle pains disappear since the tissues regenerate themselves.

For even the patients who couldn’t achieve a complete healing with surgery, prolotherapy can accomplish pleasing results. It is a permanent treatment method for chronic pain. Prolotherapy which is a pretty simple and reliable treatment method cures chronic pains and their causes without a need for surgery.

Disorders that benefit from prolotherapy are:

  1. Ruptured and torn ligaments
  2. Joint pain
  3. Sports injuries (joint, tendon and ligament injuries)
  4. Headaches rooted in the neck
  5. Neck, back and low back pains
  6. Herniated disc (neck and back)
  7. Sacroiliac joint pain
  8. Pains following joint or spinal cord surgery
  9. Shoulder pains and tendon injury
  10. Frozen shoulder
  11. Tennis elbow
  12. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  13. Hip pain and strain
  14. Knee sprain or strain
  15. Knee ligament injuries
  16. Achilles tendon injuries and heel spur
  17. Acute or chronic ankle sprain or strain pains

What is the duration of the treatment?

It is applied for an average of 4 sessions. As for advance cases, it can rise up to 6-8 sessions whereas early cases may only require 1-2 sessions. Therapy sessions recurs every 3 weeks in general. In some cases, they may be applied one week ago or later.

What is the medication used for injection?

There is no cortisone in the solutions used for prolotherapy. Local anesthetic, dextrose and isotonic NaCl are added in varied concentrations.

Healing rate in prolotherapy

The healing rate is 80-90% when patience and patient – physician cooperation are at high level. In most of the patients, pain intensity decreases from severe levels to light levels or it totally disappears.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects of prolotherapy is not different than other injections.