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Orthopedıc Rehabılıtatıon

It is physical therapy and rehabilitation applications performed before and after orthopedic surgery. Whether it is done before or after, rehabilitation increases the success of orthopedic surgery. With rehabilitation, the patient gains sufficient muscle strength, range of motion, and functionality. Rehabilitation can be applied in almost all kinds of orthopedic surgeries. After the operations, sometimes due to the type of the surgery, and sometimes as the patient stays fixed and immobile for a long time, the joints lose their movement and openness, the muscles atrophy, and they become unable to perform their functions. The only way to regain these losses is early, effective, and regular rehabilitation. Rehabilitation before and after many surgeries and orthopedic interventions such as bone fractures, bone diseases, meniscus repair, joint prosthesis, tendon repair, tendon transfer, ligament repair, and nerve repair gives satisfactory results, and more success is added to the accomplishment of the surgery.