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Balance Trainer

It is a physical therapy device integrated with a virtual reality system, used with a physiotherapist to improve balance ability in people who have lost the ability to stand independently.

Balance exercises are an indispensable part of rehabilitation in patients with loss of balance. Even if the patient has lost the ability to stand with support, balance exercises can be practiced efficiently with the balance trainer. The patient is brought to an upright position with the stand-up device. S/he tries to come back to an upright position by watching the games that appear on the screen in front of her/him, especially by exercising her/his trunk and hip muscles and making forward and backward oscillations. The aim is to restore the balance ability of the patient. There is no danger of falling, as the patient is given a good position and is fixed to the device. Balance trainer is suitable for children and adult patients.

The conditions where balance trainer is used are as follows:

- Stroke (Hemiplegia)

- Paraplegia

- MS (Multiple sclerosis)

- Parkinson's disease

- Ataxia

- Geriatric patients

- CP

- Meningomyelocele

- Ischemic and traumatic brain injuries