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Fracture Rehabilitation

Fracture is the impairment of the anatomic integrity of bone or cartilage. The purpose of the fracture rehabilitation is to bring affected area back to the functional level before the fracture. Joints around the fracture tend to lose their flexibility and muscles tend to waste away. Rehabilitation applications can eliminate all these problems totally or relieve. Rehabilitation varies depending on the patient. In general, local cold pack application is made in the first 72 hours, and then hot pack is applied. Fracture area is put on a higher level in order to reduce edema and facilitate the circulation. Patients benefit from whirlpool therapy, deep heating, electric stimulation and massage. All the joints that don’t require any immobility are subject to exercises in the end of fracture. Exercises are arranged as range of motion and strengthening exercises in accordance with patient’s needs. They are implemented with devices by physiotherapists or under the watch of them. Walking training is practiced by giving no, partial or complete weight depending on the leg fracture and surgery type.