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 Cogniboard is a special device that aims to improve the patient's coordination, balance, skill, and consciousness level. The device, which helps recovery in patients with movement, balance, coordination, and mental retardation, is used as a complementary instrument in rehabilitation. It records and evaluates the patient's responses to multiple exercise programs and helps to improve their skills. It can also contribute to the development of hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and reaction speed.


 Cogniboard has 64 illuminated and audible buttons and the keys form 5 rings in a special arrangement. The therapist chooses the exercise program by determining the degree of difficulty and duration according to the patient. Light and sounds encourage participation in exercise. The patient is asked to turn the lights on and off according to the given program. During this effort, the patient not only exercises balance, coordination, range of motion, and strengthening but also increases her/his mental activity. After the exercise, the recorded performance of the patient is evaluated and the programs to be continued are determined accordingly.