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Motor Speech Disorderds


Dysarthria is a speech disorder caused by muscle weakness. It can make it hard for you to talk. People may have trouble understanding what you say.

Speech requires quick coordination of many muscles in the face and neck. Tension, laxity, coordination disorder and paralysis occur in the muscles controlling the speech pattern due to central and/or peripheral nervous system damage. These disorders affect respiration, vocalization, resonance, vocalization and prosody, making speech difficult to understand.

Apraxia of speech

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it hard for children to speak. It can take a lot of work to learn to say sounds and words better.

Children with speech apraxia acquire language more slowly than their peers. The most prominent feature of speech apraxia is that the child has difficulty in ordering the sounds and syllables correctly. It's much more difficult for these children to produce long and complex words than short and simple words. They may also say a word wrong that they normally can say right, or they may not repeat it.

Individuals with speech apraxia need an intensive therapy process. In addition, the contribution of the family in speech apraxia is important in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment.