Our center was opened on 24 March 2005 as a special branch center under the name of Physical Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center. Patient admission and physical therapy were started on a single floor in a business center. Later, patient acceptance and treatment services spread to five floors, but due to increasing demand and insufficient space for developing technological applications, on 5 December 2016, the new Istanbul Road was moved to its new building with a closed area of ​​approximately 5,000 square meters. Our new building is independent and has the capacity to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services in larger and spacious spaces.

Physicon Medical Center has become a Type A Medical Center according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.

It is easy to reach my headquarters on the New Istanbul Road by any means; tram (MTA stop), bus, minibus. There is no parking problem.

In our center, 5 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (FTR) specialists, including one professor, physiotherapists, physical therapy technicians and speech therapists, are provided with physical therapy and rehabilitation services. More than fifty people work with emergency, X-ray, patient admissions and other staff.

Diseases treated in Physico

In our center, rheumatic diseases, neck and arm pain, shoulder, elbow, hand, back, waist and leg pain, hip, knee and foot pain are diagnosed and treated.

Disorders resulting from stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries, MS, Parkinson's, CP, polio, myopathy, hydrocephalus, meningomyelocele, paralysis, lymphedema, fracture and postoperative joint contractures, joint prosthesis, facial paralysis, obesity, gait disorders, speech disorders and other diseases are rehabilitated.

Our services:
X-ray, MR, Blood and urine tests
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Robotic rehabilitation. Walking, arm and hand robots.
PRP, CGF and stem cell therapies obtained from the patient's own blood
Speech and swallowing therapy
Ozone therapy
Cup and cup
Mesotherapy and filling applications
Hardware and Robotics Rehabilitation
Our center is equipped with the latest technological devices in the new building. Upper extremity robot for patients with arm and hand problems, walking robot for patients with gait problems and rehabilitation services has taken to the next level.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR) applications
FTR applications are performed by physiotherapists, physical therapy technicians and speech therapists under the supervision of specialist physicians.

Private VIP Rooms
If desired, patients can receive their treatment individually in rooms with all physical therapy devices, bathrooms and toilets for a longer period of time.

Speech and Swallowing Treatment Unit
29 Language and Speech Therapists graduated in 2016 for the first time in our country. Ekrem Çiçek, one of them, finds solutions to the problems of patients with language and speech disorders, stuttering and swallowing disorders.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Unit
In accordance with the certificate program of the Ministry of Health, a treatment unit including ozone, cup and hacamat treatment has been established in our center and treatment of diseases is performed without using drugs.

Its capacity

Our center has the capacity to receive 200 examinations, 320 physical therapy and 80 rehabilitation patients daily.

We offer a service to our patients in the form of picking up from the door to the door.