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Root Cell In Treatment

June 14

Blood not only provides oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, but also carries stem cells and growth factors for the regeneration of old or damaged tissues. Nowadays, we are able to give these stem cells and growth factors to the diseased tissue in abundance. To do this, we take a few tubes of blood from the patient and process them under sterile conditions and separate the part of the blood containing stem cells and growth factors.

In injuries, the clotting elements, normally called platelets, go to the wound site and stacked to form a plug to stop bleeding normally. They then activate tissue repair mechanisms by releasing various growth factors around them. In the treated blood, these platelets are concentrated with growth factors. This method is PRP, which means platelet-rich plasma.

With the developing technological opportunities, we are now able to include the stem cells in the blood. In this method called CGF-CD34, we also take blood from the patient. In addition to PRP, we also differentiate blood stem cells. In addition to growth factors, we also add stem cells to the area we want to repair.

We apply this treatment to damaged cartilage and ligaments of the knee, the most deformed joint of the body, for example. Thus, both the cartilage is renewed and the surrounding ligament strengthens the knee joint becomes more healthy. We can apply this technique not only in the knee but also in many joints such as shoulder, hip, hand and ankle that we want to treat. We repeat the treatment three times in four or four weeks to maximize tissue repair.

This method can be used not only for joint pain but also for hair and facial treatments. Since this method supports hair follicles, we can also use it for hair. We can apply it to stop hair loss, strengthen and revitalize hair. In addition, we are able to give stem cells with growth factors for anti-aging purposes, ie to provide anti-wrinkle, recovery effect, as it boosts the production of new and young cells and collagen. We can use this method alone and in combination with other mesotherapy treatments. Hair and facial treatments are made at intervals of 15 days or one month intervals. Since the treatment is made with stem cells obtained from the person's own blood, we can easily apply it to almost any age without risk of side effects and allergies.

Specialist Dr. Ayşe Nur Tekin