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Has Solved the Problem of Sound For 15 Years

June 14

A 30-year-old engineer in Konya, who has suffered for 15 years due to the difference in tone, has found a cure at Konya Fizikon Medical Center.

Voice disorders can occur for many reasons. Many people experience long-term hoarseness, vocal cord nodules / polyps, differences in tone, and bifurcation. An engineer who had a problem with his voice in Konya found the solution in Konya Fizikon Medical Center. The 30-year-old young engineer, who has suffered from sound problems for 15 years, said, “I've been having problems with my voice for 15 years. My voice was like a female voice. People around me likened my voice to a woman's voice. Especially talking on the phone was a nightmare for me. The people I talked to on the phone first time usually calls me as a lady. This was starting to bother me a lot. At the same time, when I spoke for a long time, I had a sore throat ache, my voice was broken, my voice was muted from time to time, and it was very difficult to make my voice heard in the crowd areas to whom I speak. I applied to the treatment because of these problems related to my voice”.


The young engineer who found a cure at Konya Fizikon Medical Center, said: “I did not anticipate that this problem that I have experienced for 15 years can be solved in one session. I got my normal voice with the single session "Voice Therapy" I had with Miss. Kübra Tetik, a Voice and speech therapist. When I first heard my normal voice, I was amazed. I was surprised when my therapist said that this was my normal voice. It's the first time I've heard this voice in 30 years. My therapist provided this voice in 45 minutes. I also strengthened my vocal cords with diaphragm exercises and some vocal exercises. I don't have any other problems with my voice anymore. There's a big difference in my voice right now. People around me make very positive comments. My life changed in 45 minutes.”

Voice and Speech Therapist Kübra Tetik, one of the therapists of Konya Fizikon Medical Center, who gave information about voice disorders, said: “Our voice is part of our identity. Like our fingerprints, everyone has a distinctive tone. We communicate with it, tell about our needs and sing. The voice of the person should be appropriate for his / her age and gender. The frequencies of male, female and child voices are different. Men's voices are thicker and women's and children's voices are thinner. We also expect the sound to match our appearance. So we would not expect a very thick voice from a petite woman, nor would we expect a very subtle voice from a big, muscular man. If there is a different sound than expected, there may be a problem. For example, Mutational Falsetto (puberfoni) means that the voice of the male boys cannot meet the age and gender in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. In other words, it is the state that the sound is expected to thicken during adolescence. It is possible for people with this voice disorder to regain their normal voices with voice therapy”.


Language and Speech Therapist Kübra Tetik said that voice disorders affect some occupational groups intensively: “Voice disorders can occur due to many reasons such as psychological, wrong and intense use of voice, vocal cord nodule and cancer. Because of the profession who use the voice intensively due to the excessive use of the sound, fatigue or sound disorders due to the use of sound disorders are the most common professional groups such as Teachers, politicians, call center employees, lawyers, actors, theaters, sound artists, musicians.”


Konya Fizikon Medical Center Language and Speech Therapist Kübra Tetik pointed out that there are many reasons for hoarseness, and said that some things should be paid attention for healthy voice usage. Tetik continued: “Healthy operation of the vocal cords is possible with wetness and moisture. Therefore, we should try to consume up to 2 liters of water on a regular basis. Secondly, you need to pay attention to smoking. Smoking causes many diseases, especially voice disorders. Smoking is the main risk factor in vocal cord nodules. In addition, alcohol, acidic beverages, fast food, deep-fried foods, coffee, chocolate, spices and foods such as beverages have negative effects on vocal cords. Cleaning the throat, coughing, talking loudly, shouting are the elements that damage the sound. For sound health you need to avoid them as much as possible.”


Language and Speech Therapist Kübra Tetik warned that attention should be paid to the duration of hoarseness: ”If the duration of hoarseness exceeds 2 weeks, you should definitely see a ENT (Ear nose and throat specialist) physician. With the help of a device, the appropriate treatment method is planned according to the diagnosis made by looking at the patient's vocal cords. With voice therapy, the person is taught to use his / her voice in a healthy and correct way. We make the person sound healthy by keeping them away from the things that damage his voice or breaking these habits and developing healthy habits instead. In some cases, surgical treatment may be required. In these cases, we also perform sound therapy before and after the surgery in order to gain the correct voice usage. Any disease in the throat, any change in the sound when there is no infection, may be a symptom of the disease. One should not attribute this situation to fatigue or other reasons. If this problem is more than two weeks old, he should consult with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician.